Design and construction of prefabricated Skid Mounted processing and desalination units

Oris Oxin Company has started its activity in cooperation with domestic and international strategic partners in the field of construction, supply and commissioning of facilities for the early exploitation of mobile oil and gas fields. The aim of this complex has been to establish projects in accordance with international standards through the use of the most up-to-date technologies used in the oil and gas industry. In 2017, the company introduced the new technology for separating liquids without the use of chemicals and magnetic fields for the first time in the country, which made it possible to reduce the salt content of oil to the expected level in just one step and without the need for inlet pumping system. And desalination pressure booster can operate at atmospheric pressure. The company is proud to offer the following seven benefits to esteemed employers compared to conventional units that are built with unjustified delays:

Eliminate bottlenecks in operation operations

Accelerate the implementation of approved plans and achieve the set goals as expected

Reduction of the ownership of the National Iranian Oil Company

Improving economic indicators

Accelerate the process of updating worn-out equipment with modern technology to reduce production costs

Use indigenous capacity and create jobs

Reduce oil production costs in order to protect national interests

In addition to the ability to design, manufacture, supply and commission prefabricated and desalination units (Skid Mounted), the company has adopted strategies to strengthen the financial strength of projects and the possibility of projects in the form of BOT/B00 by adopting strategies to strengthen its financial strength He hopes that by using his capacities by reducing the cost of oil production, preventing the waste of national cAPItal, preventing environmental pollution, he will also develop national technology, localize equipment manufacturing and create jobs, in line with general policies. The resistance economy is taking steps