Production of SRP well head pumps

Production of SRP well head pumps

Different methods are used to increase production due to the pressure drop of oil tanks in different oil-rich areas caused by long production and age of the tanks. One of the most practical methods is to use Sucker Rod Pump (SRP) which is more practical and cost effective than other wellhead pumps and is simpler and more durable than other methods in terms of repairs and services.

In this regard, in addition to joining the list of the manufacturers confirmed by NIOC and an extensive investment, Oris Oxin Company has accomplished extensive measures in the realm of manufacturing and localization of wellhead pumps assisted by the knowledge of Iranian engineers and experts as follows:


  • Concluding an agency contract with SHENGLI HIGHLAND Company to transfer the SRP manufacturing technology
  • Continuing the localization process of SRP manufacturing knowledge through conclusion of contracts with Sharif University of Technology and Shahid Chamran University of Ahvaz to localize the knowledge of manufacturing ARTIFICIAL LIFTING equipment
  • Equipping SRP manufacturing site with modern equipment
  • Start of SRP manufacturing operations