Skid Mounted Prefabricated Desalination Units

Oris Oxin Company started its activity in the field of manufacturing, supply, and commissioning of mobile facilities for early operation of oil and gas fields with the collaboration of domestic and international strategic partners.This company has made its utmost as of its establishment to accomplish projects in accordance with international standards by utilizing the most up-to-date technologies used in the oil and gas industries.In 2017, the modern technology of liquid separation with no use of chemicals and magnetic fields was introduced by this company for the first time in the country. The said technology allows for oil desalination to the expected level only in one stage. It is capable to work under atmospheric pressure 1 without any need for inlet pumping system and increase in pressure for desalination.Compared to the conventional plants which are constructed with unjustifiable delays, this company is proud to provide the clients with the following benefits:

Eliminating the existing bottlenecks in utilization operations

Facilitating the construction of approved projects, access to the determined goals as anticipated

Improvement of economic indexes

Facilitating the update of worn-out equipment by modern technology to reduce production costs

Using the local potentials and entrepreneurship

Reducing oil production costs in line with preservation of national interests

In addition to the capability of design, construction, supply and commissioning of skid mounted utilization and desalination plants, this company has prepared the grounds for financial investment of projects in form of BOT/BOO by adopting certain solutions to enhance its financial ability, hoping to take steps in line with general policies of resistive economy by benefitting from its capacities through reducing oil production cost, preventing from loss of national assets, preventing from environmental pollutions, development of national technology, and localizing the manufacturing of equipment and entrepreneurship.